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:spotlight-left:READ THE GALLERY RULES. :spotlight-right:

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:flaguk: HOW TO JOIN:

:bulletred: Click the "Join Group" icon on the home page.
Your request will go into queue. (Don't worry, we're very quick.)

:bulletred: If your personal gallery contains NO art, writing or photography of any kind, you will be declined. You do NOT need to have drawn Good Omens artwork specifically, just have ~something in your gallery.



:bulletblue: Click on the "SUBMIT NEW ART" folder.
► At the top of the page will be a "submit to this folder" button.
► Choose "contribute an existing deviation" (remember: only from YOUR OWN gallery).
■ A moderator will move the work to the folder it is best suited to.
■ A mod will either accept or decline work depending on the gallery rules. You will receive a note with details of the reason for any declined work.

:bulletblue: Multiple version of an image.
■ If you have several (such as a sketch and a coloured copy) choose ONLY ONE to submit.
■ If more than one version is submitted, a mod will decide which one remains in the gallery.

:bulletblue: Long comic series.
► Please submit only the first three (3) pages.
■ Anything more will not be added, as viewers can find the rest at your own gallery.

:bulletblue: Favourites.
► The "faves" gallery is for non-members' work. If you are now a member, submit your work only to the GO gallery.

:bulletblue: If you disagree about where your artwork is placed, contact the mod and it will be discussed.


► Adult images. If dA accepts it, so do we. However, it is the reponsibility of the artists, and NOT the club, to include adult filters on images.
► Slash art. See our definition here.

►  Hostility or rudeness toward other members. You will receive one warning before being banned.
►  Trolling -- in other words, vehement arguments purely for the purpose of antagonizing others.
► Plagiarism -- claiming another person's work as your own. This will also get you reported to dA.


Please contact quantum-witch by private note if you have any question, concerns, or suggestions. All issues are given full consideration.

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