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:winner: CONTESTS: :winner:

From time to time, we do hold contests.
Rules for individual contests may be different and will be detailed when the contest is announced. Contests may actually break a few of the established rules, as they are special events. All entries will be posted in one big image together until voting is finished. Winning art receives some small prize (to be determined) and is then displayed in the “Contests” folder. The moderator(s) and founder never participate or vote, but you can certainly vote for your own work.

:party: EVENTS: :party:

If there is a truly special occasion
(such as The Terry Pratchett Project and Gifts for Neil Gaiman) we will announce it on the front page, send emails to members, and keep posted reminders in place until the event is over. Participation is NOT mandatory, but we very much appreciate involvement. Events represent everyone, both individually and as a club.

:cake: SUBSCRIPTIONS: :cake:

While offering a subscription is very kind and appreciated
it probably won't be useful to the club. We keep it pretty simple. Plus once the sub runs out any fancy additions are lost. It just saves hassle, and saves you the money.


:note: CONTACT: :note:

Send a note to quantum-witch if you have any questions or suggestions about the rules, the gallery, ideas for contests, additions to the list of foreign language translations for the book title, etc. etc. etc.

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